Loaves and Fishes

A ministry coordinated with Ebenezer Moravian Church and shared with the community. Each Monday throughout the year (holidays excluded) a free meal is provided to anyone interested.

New as of January 16th, 2023: Meals served curbside from 4:00 – 4:15 PM. Meals served inside from 4:00 – 5:30 PM. This is the opportunity to not eat alone and to enjoy a little fellowship with your meal.

Volunteer groups help each week with preparing the meals and getting them to vehicles. If you’re interested or have a group who would be interested contact the church office or click this link: loaves & fishes – watertown – Search Results | Facebook

This ministry began with the thought that no one should eat alone. While we’re not currently able to sit around a table together, we are together in spirit.

Local Missions

We work with the Shared Community Mission Group, an ecumenical group of lay and clergy volunteers representing 10 different churches in Watertown. Through this group, we participate in the following local programs:

  • Backpacks/school supplies for children in need
  • Food to Go and Grow program
  • Personal hygiene product drive (supporting “The Nest” at the school, which is a place students can go to get hygiene type products that they may not be able to easily access at home)

Joyful Noise Weekly Offering

During Sunday services, we do a regular offering plate pass, but we also do a Joyful Noise offering in which we collect change for local organizations. We choose a different organization to support each month, including organizations such as Watertown Family Aid, Community Laundry, Tricklebee Cafe, and Hometown Missions, among many others.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Mission trips are arranged as there is interest and need through the Board of World Mission. Past trips have included places such as: Alaska, Morongo Indian Reservation, Hurricane relief, Louisiana, Peru, and Honduras.

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